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Laughter, Happy Tears & Memorable Moments!

Crystal Creations is a wedding officiant in Oskaloosa, Iowa. This ordained, non-denominational wedding officiant performs services for all couples and offers family-friendly ceremonies.  Officiating since 2013, each ceremony is shaped to reflect the couple, including the opportunity to customize the vows. Your day is guaranteed to be a genuine reflection of your relationship with the help of Crystal Creations.

With over 15 years of experience in the floral industry, I bring incredible attention to detail, flexibility and the desire to design your dreams!


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Wedding Officiant

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Wedding Florals

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Prom and Special Event Florals

I'm honored to celebrate You!

I strive to ensure that every wedding no matter the size, type or location - feels special and I enjoy going above and beyond to learn about the couple so that I can deliver the love story that brought them to this special day. Specializing in non-denominational  and mildly religious ceremonies

Stunning and Memorable

With over 15 years of experience in the floral industry I bring incredible attention to detail, flexibility and desire to design your dreams. I design with the highest quality silk and faux flowers.

Stand Out!

From the simple to stunning - I can create them all. Something different and something undeniably you is what I strive to create for your special event.

Your Officiant & Designer

Crystal Salfen

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Just about as genuine and down to earth  as you can get. Spunky, and can light up a room.

I began officiating in 2013 - it began as a suggestion/favor from a friend - and then turned into a passion. Your special day is like a work of art - you put a lot of time, effort and thought into the most minor details - why shouldn't you do the same for the person leading your ceremony?  Please - I beg of you - don't hire that old guy who talks for hours!! Just Kidding!

I believe that weddings should be filled with happy tears - laughter and most of all memorable moments! When the officiant takes time to learn about how you and your partner met, your shared love of animals/hobbies/ect or even - a story that will get the guests laughing - and infuses that into your ceremony - that's memorable. You want your guests walking away with a memory that will last a lifetime. I do this because I enjoy it!


I'm a single momma, with 2 tween girls, and a dog. I live in the country, was raised on a farm, and will swap fishing or hunting stories all day long, and LOVE to laugh. What do I believe in? I do indeed believe in God. Once upon a time I did not, I very much disliked him...thought he was out to get me. Blah blah blah - but I have recently come back to my own faith [insert a very interesting story] and as wonderful as that has been to me - I will not push that on anyone - because that's one of the very reasons I walked away - everyone had an opinion and their opinion was the only opinion and it was the right opinion. Baloney!!!!

Some of the most judgemental people I have met go to church - some of the most kind-hearted - give the shirt off their back genuine folks are covered in tattoos and cuss a little.  But that's just my experience. I have opinions, but I save judgement for the man upstairs - that's his job.

We are all children of the same universe - it's what you do, while you are here, that matters.

Even though 2020 was quite the year for some - I was honored to be named the Central Iowa Wedding Choice Awards Silver Award winner! Coming in second lets me know that my clients truly enjoy the service that I provide! I am truly honored to celebrate YOU!

Disclosure: I am online ordained through the Universal Life Ministries Church

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